About the Resources

Over the last two decades Sport Wales and professionals in the field of education and sport have worked to make a positive contribution to equipping teachers with the confidence as well as knowledge and understanding to deliver quality physical education.

Driven by investment by the Welsh Government, and different curriculum programmes, a range of resources and courses were developed to provide physical education (and subsequently physical literacy informed) professional development to teachers and practitioners.

In many ways the resources were ground-breaking, drawing upon a physical literacy philosophy of developing confidence and motivation as well as physical competence, knowledge and understanding of learners but also of teachers and practitioners.

The result?

Resources that continue to have a role to play in making a difference and contribution to the teaching of physical education within the wider Health and Wellbeing Area of Learning and Experience (HWB AoLE).

But it’s not just about teaching. The resources are hugely relevant to coaches, parents and anyone else providing sporting experiences and skill development to young people.

A person’s lifelong enjoyment of sport has its greatest foundations when learning skills for life as a young person.

This platform provides the building blocks for a lifelong enjoyment of sport.

Last updated on 17/05/2022