Terms and Conditions

In order for you to access the Education Resources portal, we require our users to agree to our terms of service. 

This is to ensure that you understand how we use your data and how you should interact with the platform. 

How We Use Your Data

In signing up for an Education Resources account you agree: 

Information shared with Sport Wales relating to your Education Resources account will only be used for the purposes of running the portal, information to help you use the portal and associated information. 

You can find out more about how Sport Wales uses personal information by visiting our Privacy Policy


If you’d like to discuss how we use your information further, please email dpo@sport.wales

What Information Do We Use?

We will use:

Who do we share your data with?

To enable us to run the Education Resources Portal we will share information with Empyrean Digital, our web service provider. You can find out more about how our partners use your information below:

Empyrean Digital.

How Long Will You Keep My Data For?

Data collected for your Education Resources Account will be held by Sport Wales for the lifetime of the programme. 

What Are My Rights?

You have the right to have your information updated/rectified, a record of your information provided to you, and the right to have all information permanently deleted, unless Sport Wales has a lawful right to retain a record to meet its legal obligations (such as records of payment).   

You can contact COMMUNICATIONS@SPORT.WALES at any time to request for your account and its associated data to be deleted.

Interacting With The Education Resources

Members can access resources free of charge. 

Restricting content to users with an account helps us to continue running the programme and to optimize the programme for our users. 

You must not share content with others by linking to videos or by copying and pasting written material.

By registering for an account and accessing the resources, you:

Last updated on 19/05/2022