Skills for an active life.

Welcome to Citbag.

A Sport Wales hub to help give young people the skills, confidence and sporting experiences for a lifelong enjoyment of sport.

Hundreds of resources developed by education and sporting specialists, and supported by the Welsh Government. The resources are FREE to access, but you will need to create an account first.

Who should use Citbag?


To support sporting experiences as part of the new Curriculum for Wales

Coaches and Volunteers

Skills and games to use as part of sessions

Parents or Guardians

Ideas to get your child active


Games and skills you can enjoy with friends

“Introducing skills at a young age really is the golden moment of a journey in sport. If we get it right early on, it really can make the difference to being active well into the future.”

Tanni Grey-Thompson,
Paralympic Champion

“There is an extensive collection of ideas and resources that can be used to design exciting and appropriate learning activities for children and young people.  This will be the first time that they have been centrally located and available to everyone.  Thank you for listening.”

Jan English, Education and Physical Education Consultant

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