Hierarchy of Skills

StageLocomotorBody Management ActionsManipulative Actions
As the developCrawling
Crawling Soldiers
Jumping and Landing (Frog Hopping)  
Body Awareness  
Straight Shape
Star Shape
Angry Cat
Balance (one foot)  
Pushing an Object  
Log Roll
Pool Safety*
Entries and Exits*
Bubbles and Breathing*    
Underarm roll
Underarm throw
As they progressHopping Jumping (distance)Pulling an objectCatching an object
Kicking a ball
As they become more skillfulLeaping
Lunging DodgingTwo-handed throw
Bouncing a ball
Overarm throw
Dribbling with feet
Dribbling with hands Trapping with feet
Striking an object with hands or bat
As they apply their skillsSide-step Cross over
Fast feet
Tuck shape
Trap the mouse
Dish shape
Arch shape
Front support
Back support
Ready position
Rapid Reactions
Move in to space to receive an object  
Move in to space to strike an object with hand or bat

*These water-based skills have been taken from the ‘Making a Splash in the Foundation Phase’ resource pack

Last updated on 13/02/2024